Friday, April 24, 2009

IT'S A GIRL!!! The girls are so excited to have a little sister. But, again, I only had boy names picked out. Oh, well, Shaun came through. I was floored when they said a girl. I have been more sick and just tired than I was with the twins and I thought that for sure that it was a boy. Little Izzy (Isabelle or Isabella I'm not sure yet) is due Aug. 22, 2009 and on that day the girls will be 5 yrs.! We have great timing. Anyway, I just got an internet card today and I hope it will still work so I can keep the internet (been having some issues with it and my scanner for work) since you can't get DSL out in the sticks! It's this or dial-up. Next time I will show you the garden spot Shaun prepared for me and how he did it. It is a little over the top!

Monday, April 6, 2009

It's been awhile-and it's short

Well it's been a long time since I have been on here. This will be short because I'm at my Mom's on the way to the movies for FHE! Tomorrow we find out what we are having! The girls are so excited. They are already picking out names. Chloe is okay whether it is a boy or girls but Hannah will be mad if it is a girl. I love being in Delta. We are close to family and the girls love to visit Grandma's house. I better go. I will let you know what happens tomorrow.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

In STATS class and board

All the Cook's in the matching PJ's! I love Christmas!

The Princess Laptop still in the box!

Hannah thinks that she's a rock star or a metal head!

I got a phone call on the way to class from the girls old primary teacher today. Her husband and daughter are Hannah and Chloe's new teachers. When the Cordells (the teachers) got home from church on Sunday, Toby (the dad) pulled his wife aside and told her a story about the girls from primary that day. I thought the story was cute so I'm posting it while in STATS class! Anyway, the girls were sitting on the front row in sharing time when my neighbors daughter was giving a talk. My neighbor has hair about 4 inch. longer than mine and it is going gray. It's a salt and pepper look. She keeps it long and straight. Well, my neighbor went up to help her daughter with her talk and Chloe (my girls don't know what "quiet voice" is) said "a witch!", pointing to my neighbor. Toby whispered to Chloe that she wasn't a witch and to be quiet. Then Chloe (more or less) shouted "is she a bad witch?" Toby whispered back and said no honey she is not a bad witch. Chloe continued with "then she's a good witch?" Toby said no no honey she is not a witch she is the girls mommy, quiet please. Then Chloe said "Oh she's a mommy witch". Chloe was convinced that my neighbor was a witch and all she wanted to know from Toby was what kind! Well, like I promised, here are a few pictures that I just down loaded from my camera. Also, for the embarrassment of Shaun's family, I will include a karaoke video from Christmas until I'm all out! AHA Ha ha ha haaaa!

Okay, this is a picture of Chloe after "getting beautiful" with Mom's make-up. She looked like a 70 year old "lady of the evening". The make-up was so thick that she created huge pores. It was so funny. I washed her hair 7 times and the foundation would not come out. It was bad!

So, I'm in this oil painting class and the current project is painting people. Well, since we are paintng people my teacher got us a model. The first thing that everyone asked me when I told them that I was painting a model in class is: Is she nude? and Is she hot? So, here is a picture of my model from class. (I had to take a picture so I could finish the painting if I didn't get it done in class.) What do you think?

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Playing Catch-Up

Well, the reason that I'm "Playing Catch-Up" is because I just got on a friend’s blog and got some exciting news. The Leiter's are going to have a baby! Anyway, there has been a lot of things go on since I was last on. This blog has to be a quick on because I have homework and I'm babysitting the cutest baby and I have class in a few hours. Shaun was recognized as Student of the Semester last Fall. They had a big to-do and gave him a plaque and I am very proud of him. He is now done with school. He quite the countertop shop and started his own. With Ben, Shaun got enough work to last about a year but, he just gave away most of it for a job running a freight terminal out of Salt Lake City. The nice thing about him do this is that we can live anywhere as long as he makes it to SLC twice a week for paperwork. So, he is moving to Delta tonight. He needs to have trucks, a drop yard and an office all put together to be able to run by March 1. The funny thing is that two weeks after he said he would take the SLC job, he got an interview with the Power Plant. Shaun is more business so, he didn't go in for an interview. I will be moving in with him in May when my semester is over. We have wanted to move to Delta for a while and now we can. Also, Shaun is graduating in May so, you all are invited. I have been babysitting a cute little boy named Jack. He is the sweetest thing and makes me think that I want another baby. We have him about three days a week and love it. The girls cry when his mom or dad takes him home. The other day Hannah asked if she could have a little brother like Jack! I also go to school two nights a week and have an online class the other two nights leaving me with the weekend. School is fun but, this semester I'm taking Stats and Micro Econ and they are kicking my butt! I think that this year I'm going to take the summer off. We are going to move into the old house until our Hurricane house sells. Shaun's parents are really nice to let us stay there. Oh, this Christmas all the girls asked for from Santa was a laptop computer. They wanted to make sure that they didn't get a desktop computer. Well, Santa delivered and they are always on their little pink laptops. Dad thinks that with the move to Delta the girls need to have something fun to play with outside so, the 4-wheelers are brought up again. We found some really cute ones that are pink camouflage with remote on/off buttons (for mom and dad) and the speed can be turned down to 2 mph. They also come with matching helmets. Also, with the move to Delta, we had to get a puppy. She is a little beagle named Daisy. The girls love her but; she is hard to potty train when I’m not around much. Oh well we love her. Well, I hope that this made sense. Sorry that I don't have any pictures this time. Next time I will.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

St. George Pumpkin Patch

Monday we went to the pumpkin patch in St. George. I told you that I love fall. Shaun didn't get to go to the one in Fillmore so, we went again. The Stalli Farm's patch is pretty cute. They have a little petting zoo, horse drawn buggies that take you to the pumpkin patch, a corn maze and games. It was a lot of fun but, I didn't think that I would spend money to go to a farm to see farm animals! Oh well. It is becoming a yearly tradition.

I know some people like to say something about sports. So, hear it goes:
Go BYU!!! Go Rockies!! Hahaha Michigan. Hahaha this years fifth ranked NCAA teams. Better luck next time. Go Ohio!! I love FOOTBALL. :) GOOK LUCK DELTA at state Volleyball! (aka Maryn!)

Ok, here are some pictures.

(Hannah, Max, Chloe)
(Chloe, Dad, Hannah)
(Max, Llama and Hannah)
(Chloe's first time golfing)
(Well, the Bryan crack doesn't come from me!)
(Those are some BIG HORNS!)
Bassett's sealing last Sat.
(Mom and Chloe)
(Chloe and Max!)
(Mom and Hannah)

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

It's been awhile

I LOVE FALL!!! This is the best time of the year! You have the fall colors, football, the food associated with football games, the food associated with the holidays, the crisp weather, the food and the friends and family you get back together with. Well, I must start off by saying that certain bloggers that run marathons didn't have the courtesy to stop by my house to say hi....You know who you are ;). Shaun's B-day is coming up on Thursday. He will be...28? So, give him a call on his b-day. The girls are picking up on so much. Shaun had a quarter disappear in front of the girls and then pulled it out of one of their ears. They thought that they were so smart they continued to do the trick to everyone for the next two days! They are always coming up with crazy things. Two weeks ago the girls, and I and some friends went to the Zoo.

(Hannah and Chloe trying to measure up to the gorilla)
I was pretty proud of myself taking two 3 year olds by my self, kind of, to the zoo. The kids are still talking about it. Shaun went Elk Hunting last weekend. He came home with a dirty trailer and $300 of IOUs from his friends. They play a lot of poker on the Elk Hunt. He had a lot of fun. While he was gone, the girls and I went Home. We stopped off for pumpkins and met grandma and Maryn there. The pumpkin patch is so cute.
(the pumpkin patch in Filmore)
We had a lot of fun getting scared by all the ghosts and goblins hanging around the pumpkins.
Also, Delta had a big centennial celebration.

(Aunts and Cousins on the hay ride)
We got to go on a hay ride that took us through the cemetery. When we got there, there were people dressed in old clothes, standing by their grave telling their story and how Delta was formed. While visiting, we made Halloween cookies and went to the canyon.
Oak City canyon is so pretty right now. Anyway, here are some pictures from the weekend and the zoo.

Saturday, September 1, 2007

Our first post!!!

This is our first post. I don't know exactly what to say. The girls had their birthday last Wednesday. They are three now and little Princess Diva's. Shaun started school last wee as well. He will be done with his Bachelors in Business Adm. Hopefully we will have a good job in Dec. I stay at home with the girls and fix up the house with Shaun. Well see you later!